We DIGITEMB, are based on the versatile range in Embroidery Digitizing products. In order to meet the challenges of the digital & fashions trends, it is the place where you can avail both advantages under the same glamorous & stylish entity.

Our high-tech Embroidery digitizing products are based on Vector Designing, Cap-digitizing, Jacket-back digitizing, Custom Brand-Logos & 3D-Puff digital-arts so that our customer can get an eye-catching look, which reflect our professional works & your life-styles as well.

We create scalable vector arts converts image files such as JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs into EPS, CDR, & PDF. The process is called Raster to vector conversion. Our workflows can carry singled to multi-colored digital art, with the help of Creative- digitizers & Cool-designed stuffs.


DIGITEMB, work along with the pace of the demands of Embroidery Digitizing. Our professional teams constitutes of more than 25 members under the shadows of glamorous life styles & fashion world. Our embroidery designs are digitized while using optimum technologies regarding software and mechanical applications so that a digitizing design reflects our professionalism and our passion of work.

Therefore we have been organized a systematic workflows begins with from the very first approach of our customers till the delivery of a high quality of a digitizing design. An efficient department management is working on high-tech usage of our digital assets. An effective management to our customer dealing services is an another feature resembles our company towards professionalism.

Embroidery digitizing in the Outfits, 3D-Puff, Polo embroidery, Jacket Back digitizing, Stitch Tuft & Punching are some of our frameworks on which we applied in. The orders are considered in both commercial & domestic usages. The embroidery designs are digitized for the consumer application type while focusing on the formal purpose, informal purposes or casuals. So that you can get a guaranteed digitized design combines with the suitability of an event.

Contact Details:
Mon – Fri 9 am to 6 pm EST
Skype: digit.emb
USA: +1-347-560-0991
UK: +44-20-3289-5221
Fax: +1905-248-3659
E-mail: digitize@digitemb.com


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